Serving Alaskans since 1977, we are the only non-profit vision rehabilitation center in Alaska. We serve the entire state of Alaska through the Rural Outreach Program. The Center has a suite of services for blind and low vision Alaskans at its facility in Anchorage including:

Assisted Daily Living: Training in personal and household management for independent living.

Orientation and Mobility: Safe travel in business and residential areas.

Assistive Technology: Adaptive communications involving the use of computers and related electronic devices and reading and writing Braille.

Manual Skills: Use of tools and development of problem solving skills.

Vocational Services and Worksite Evaluations: Job preparation and vocational training for employment success.

Visually Impaired Senior Alaskans (VISA): Living Well With Vision Loss support groups and services providing support to seniors to increase their home safety for independent living.

Rural Outreach:

Through a State grant, the Center provides rehabilitation training in communities all over Alaska. When vision loss begins impacting daily life like reading, travelling, cooking, or using the computer, the proper rehabilitation training and assistive technology can help. From Utqiagvik to Ketchikan, over 100 Alaskans per year attend our low vision clinic and receive training at no cost in their community or nearby hub. Up to $100 of low vision devices is provided to each individual as needed.  While many are referred by their eye doctor, no referral is needed to benefit from our rural outreach. We typically visit a community once per year and rely on our wonderful community partners to get the word out and host our low vision clinic. Optometrists, nurses, care coordinators, Lions Club members, and many others help make our program a success by connecting those in their community who are blind or have vision loss to our services.

Low Vision Clinics:

The low vision clinic empowers those with vision loss to regain independence by providing education about vision loss, rehabilitation training, and appropriate assistive technology. Our clinics are held regularly in Anchorage and in Wasilla. A typical appointment has the individual meet with our low vision optometrist who will provide recommendations on devices for magnification, reducing glare, and other ways to optimize useable vision. The client then meets with the low vision therapist and has the opportunity to learn about and try low vision devices such as handheld magnifiers, screen readers, and many others to increase independence with daily tasks. For our low vision clinics in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, a doctor referral is preferred.

The Bright Path Program: Vision rehabilitation, vocational training, job preparation, assisted daily living and supervised social activities for youth ages 14-21.

Blindness Sensitivity Training: An educational seminar for businesses, organizations, offices, etc. about how to approach blind and visually impaired people in a public setting. Please call to schedule.