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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors

Often when people lose their eyesight, they do have difficulty doing what they used to and often they withdraw or give up. Learning new ways to communicate (using computers and other assistive technology or Braille), handle daily living activities, and get around independently is known as vision rehabilitation.

The Center provides skill development and instruction in core areas for increased independence and success in life and work.

The Referral checklist for vocational rehabilitation counselors delineates the basic requirements necessary to begin this instruction as well as a list of recommended clothing and other items for clients to have in order to fully participate in Center training.
The Welcome letter for vocational rehabilitation participants explains the Center services and what they can expect when they come. They might also find inspriation from viewing the Center DVDs about individuals who have moved through loss of sight to a brighter future.






Laura – shown here with a woodshop project – received instruction and training from Center so she could expand her skills, successfully complete a college curriculum, and locate employment in her chosen field.