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Rural Outreach
Refer someone living outside the Anchorage area for Rural Outreach services, contact the Center at 907.248.7770, or send an email to
Center staff reach out to Alaskans with sight loss across the state to provide training and low vision services in their own homes and communities. This service is especially helpful for people who want to:
  • learn about magnifiers and other devices that can help them make the most of their remaining vision.
  • continue with valued activities such as beading and carving.
  • learn how to walk safely in their homes and communities so they can participate fully in family and community events.
  • cook and care for their homes by learning how to arrange and easily identify canned goods and household items.

This Program, funded through the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, is also able to offer to those served up to $125 in recommended devices such as magnifiers, sunglasses, elbow-length oven mitts, and other items at no cost.

This gentleman lives alone in a cabin he built himself in the Copper River Basin.