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Often when people begin to lose their eyesight, they have challenges doing what they used to do easily. Learning new ways to communicate using computers and other assistive technology or Braille, managing daily living tasks such as shopping or cleaning, attending to small home maintenance and repair needs confidently, and getting around in residential and business areas independently and safely are known collectively as Vision Rehabilitation.
At the Center, classes provide in-depth instruction and practice in the above areas for an outcome that embraces independence, self-reliance, confidence, and hope for the future. Family members and loved ones are always welcome to observe these classes so they may be in a better position to support and assist as needed.
The following Welcome Letter details services provided. Though it is directed toward those referred by the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the information is pertinent to anyone in need of our Vision Rehabilitation services.

Laura – shown here with a woodshop project – expanded her future by
learning to travel independently around UAA using her white cane. She
discovered how to access everything she needed on the computer to
successfully complete her classwork and says, “It’s great to have a computer
that talks to me.”