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Open a world of opportunity by learning how to use computers and the latest electronic devices to be successful both in the home and in the workplace:
  • use a screen reader or screen enlarging software to navigate your computer, create and read email and documents, and access everything you want from the Internet
  • create, edit, and print documents as well as change their font, style, and appearance
  • conduct personal and routine business transactions
  • use a computer spreadsheet and database
  • troubleshoot technology glitches
  • use smartphones and tablets with ease
  • use a scanner and software to access print or written documents not available online
  • search for and locate information on the Internet
  • send, receive, and store emails and attachments
  • use digital recorders to transport electronic files and documents
  • participate in social networking sites


A former Center Instructor shows a client features of the iPad that work for people who have trouble seeing.