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‚ÄčLearn practical and useful ways to:
  • shop for food and other items then pay for purchases independently
  • organize and label food items, cleansers, leftovers, apparel, linens, and other household articles for easy retrieval and overall efficiency
  • use a stove and oven safely as well as operate small kitchen appliances to create appetizing meals
  • plan, prepare, serve, and clean up after nutritious meals with confidence
  • create a neat and clean household and attend to personal appearance and hygiene
  • maintain household and financial records for reference and retrieval
  • be prepared to address household emergencies, especially a grease fire
  • make home modifications for safety and accessibility
  • apply appropriate social skills in a variety of settings
  • participate in recreational and community activities to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being
Become familiar with and practice a broad range of skills aimed to be self-reliant. Instructional goals are tailored to your specific challenges and goals identified through an initial assessment.