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The Center’s services can help you or a loved one find new ways of doing what you used to do by eyesight. Explore which services you think would be most useful to you.

Assisted Daily Living – Training in personal and household management for independent living.

Orientation and Mobility – Safe travel in business and residential areas.

Assistive Technology – Adaptive communications involving the use of    computers and related electronic devices and reading and writing Braille.

Manual Skills – Use of tools and development of problem solving skills.

Vocational Services and Worksite Evaluations – job preparation and vocational training for employment success.

Visually Impaired Senior Alaskan (VISA) – Provides services and support to seniors to increase their home safety for independent living.

The Bright Path Program for Youth ages 15 - 22 – Vision rehabilitation, vocational training and job preparation.

Blindness Sensitivity Training – An educational presentation about how to approach blind people in a public setting including a simulation of sighted guide technique.

Low Vision Clinic – Offered across the state to identify those with sight issues and provide information, vision aid devices and training. Up to $100 worth of free devices available for senior citizens. Call for appointment.

For further information, please call 907-248-7770.













You can enjoy living a life you choose like these two young men and two older Alaskans on separate shopping outings.