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​Thanks to a State of Alaska grant, the Center provides selected school districts with high-tech equipment for blind and visually impaired students. 

They learn Braille and to make learning materials accessible so they can excel academically at the same rate as their sighted peers.

The Center also periodically offers a Summer Youth Program to help young people add skills to expand lifestyle choices, future educational options, and career opportunities while providing practical daily life awareness and skill development.  

Activities such as creating nutritious and balanced menus from which shopping lists are made then pricing items in a store lead to a better understanding of what it takes to eat on a daily basis as compared with going to restaurants. Youth work in teams to prepare meals for the group , incorporating time management and portion control methods.

Types and locations of housing are also integrated into the instruction for a more realistic and practical approach to the elements of living independently.

The synergy and camaraderie developed among the participants accelerates their leaning and their enjoyment.





Young people enjoy a lesson in getting around independently at the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall.