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To Refer someone for Employment Services, contact the Center at 907-248-7770 or send an email to 
Our Vocational Rehabilitation services target the development of skills and positive habits for success in current and future employment.
Our specialized staff will assist in the creation of a useful resume, provide practice in how to interview with attention to being proactive regarding vision loss, give recommendations for clothing and overall appearance, explore basic educational and other requirements for individually selected positions, and investigate possible opportunities through internet research, informational interviewing, and other methods.
On-the-job support is available as needed, such as workplace computer instruction and Orientation and Mobility route planning and practice. 
Worksite assessments of current tecnhology usage, lighting, physical accessibility, spatial layouts, and other factors affecting performance by a person with a visual impairement are provided along with recommendations to improve productivity and employment success.
People with vision loss succeed in many work settings.
People with vision loss succeed in many work settings.